Very simple but extendable Leaflet plugin to display OSM POIs data on map click
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Very simple but extendable plugin to get OSM POIs data on map click.

Check out the demo.

Here is a (WIP) more tuned example: (click on harbours, locks or piers). Code is here.


Using options (quicker)

As every Leaflet plugin, you can customize the behaviour in passing options at init.

Available options:

  • apiUrl (default:')
  • queryTemplate (default: '[out:json];node(around:{radius},{lat},{lng})[name];out body qt 1;')
  • helpText
  • radius: radius used to search around the click position
  • excludeKeys: Array of regex to tests for excluding some keys
  • translateKeys: translate some keys for more human friendly display

Extending the class (more powerfull)

Every behaviour has been packed in a method to make the plugin more extendable. For example:

  • getRadius: use it for example to define a different radius for each zoom level
  • getQueryTemplate: same thing, if you want to retrieve more objects with higher zoom levels, do it here!
  • formatContent: you want to use this for formating your own popup content
  • formatKey: you want to display an image instead of text?

Look at the code for more methods and details!