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CartoCSS style for rendering a riverboat oriented map on top of OSM data
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Open Riverboat Map

Open Riverboat Map plans to make an open source CartoCSS map style of navigable waterways, on top of OpenStreetMap project.

Open Riverboat Map is derived from OSM-bright MapBox project.

Design philosophy

  • at low zoom level, all the navigable waterways network should appear clearly ; all other informations are diminished, unless some main geographical informations that helps understand the situation (mainly big cities)
  • at intermediate zoom level, the navigable waterways remain the central informations, but also some other usefull informations must be visible: main harbours, locks (quietly)... Non "riverboat" informations begin to become visible, but allways in second place
  • at high zoom level, we try to display as useful informations as possible for the "inland navigator": mooring places, height of bridges, number of arches for a bridge, oneways...

Getting involved

  • symlink the openriverboatmap directory into your TileMill projects directory (by default in ~/Documents/MapBow/project/).
  • import some OSM data with osm2pgsql , using default style but with option --hstore-all (or ping me to get a psql dump)
  • start hacking the style, commit in a branch, and make a pull request! :)

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