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Sulci is a French textmining toolkit based on Libération corpus and thesaurus.
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Sulci is a French text mining tool, initially designed for the analysis of the corpus and thesaurus of Libération, a French newspaper.

This code is "work in progress", but it's yet used in production at Libération.

Therefore, here is a webservice online:

To use it, to get more info, have a look a the documentation.

How can I help?

  • You're a python killer: there is many optimizations to do in the actual code
  • You're a language expert: all the algorithm can be optimized
  • You know well French language: you can add texts in the POS corpus, or make a

proof read of the actual texts (in corpus/*.crp)

  • You're an enthusiast: you can play with the demo, with the debug, and make

tickets for the bug seen ; you can help for making the doc, etc.

  • in any case, Meet us for IRC chats: #sulci on
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