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Generate user avatar using name initials letter.
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Letter Avatar for PHP

Generate user avatar using name initials letter.



  • Data URI image ready (also save as PNG/JPG).
  • Consistent color.
  • Customize size, shape: square, circle.
  • Small, fast.


Via Composer

$ composer require yohang88/letter-avatar



use YoHang88\LetterAvatar\LetterAvatar;

$avatar = new LetterAvatar('Steven Spielberg');

// Square Shape, Size 64px
$avatar = new LetterAvatar('Steven Spielberg', 'square', 64);

// Save Image As PNG/JPEG
$avatar->saveAs('path/to/filename', LetterAvatar::MIME_TYPE_JPEG);
<img src="<?php echo $avatar ?>" />

To use static colour or custom colour use ->setColor($background, $foreground);

<img src="<?php echo $avatar->setColor('#000000', '#ffffff');?>" alt="">
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