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Website for my band, Pet Friendly

This is a basic website that hosts some of our songs, and provides a form for fans to join our mailing list.

This project was setup using Flask, jinja2, HTML5, CSS, and Postgres. This file in the main directory is how you start up the web-page.

i.e. $ python3 on the command line. This file is the Controller in the Model-View-Controller model. It also provides the connection to the Postgres database. To view the website, go to in your local browser after entering in the previously mentioned command.

To understand the .env and files, please see this tutorial:

The requirements.txt shows all of the dependencies for the project.

Within the templates directory are the HTML files I have for the web pages structure/layout.

Within the static directory are the actual songs from my band, along with the CSS file for the styling of the webpages.

Another tutorial that was very useful for updating the Postgres database:

The docs, migrations, pet_web, sqlalchemy, csv_db, bin, and tracks directories can be ignored.

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