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beginning of my python projects
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beginning of my python projects

Basic Projects within this repository:

Flash Card app

this is a command line version of a flash card application similar to Quizlet.

User enters the program and is given the choice of creating a new set or importing a previously made set. All imported files are '.pickle' files. Flashcard sets are stored as dictionaries within the script, and are exported as .pickle files.

After the user has imported or created a new set, they have the option to review the terms/definitions within their set. If they choose to review, they are given all of the terms and prompted for the term whose definition they want to review. Alternatively, they can also delete key/value pairs or add new key/ value paris to the flashcard set dictionary.

The user is given options to exit the program throughout the different prompts.

Darts Mental Math Game

This is a game I created to help people who struggle with mental math. It is a hypothetical scenario in which the user is playing darts and has to correctly calculate their score and subtract from their existing score each round.

Once the users score reaches 0 (or below), the game ends.

Mad Libs app

This is a mini-project that creates an interactive mad lib game.

The user is first prompted for a noun, an adjective, and a verb. The program will take the data and place it into a story I've written. The story with the user's words is then printed.

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