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fixed the installer in msysgit environment to work with windows XP

as the command 'choice' is not available on Windows XP we have to work around
this issue by usage of 'set /p'
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1 parent 72594ea commit e856e0a528daaf212f1b74696f6ef730beed856f @sjaeckel sjaeckel committed Dec 6, 2011
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  1. +4 −4 contrib/msysgit-install.cmd
8 contrib/msysgit-install.cmd
@@ -22,11 +22,11 @@ echo getopt.exe... Found
if not exist "%GIT_HOME%\bin\git-flow" goto :Install
echo GitFlow is already installed.>&2
-choice /C YN /M "Do you want to replace it"
-if errorlevel 255 goto :Abort
-if errorlevel 2 goto :Abort
-if not errorlevel 1 goto :Abort
+set /p mychoice="Do you want to replace it [y/n]"
+if "%mychoice%"=="y" goto :DeleteOldFiles
+goto :Abort
echo Deleting old files...
for /F %%i in ("%GIT_HOME%\git-flow*" "%GIT_HOME%\gitflow-*") do if exist "%%~fi" del /F /Q "%%~fi"

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