Integration of with Django
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Integration of with Django


This project extends Django's QuerySet, some initial configurations need to be done in each model that use CartoDB integration:

See yoinup/django-cartodb/django_cartodb/

from django_cartodb.django_cartodb.models import CartoManager

class SomeModel(models.Model):
    objects = CartoManager()
    _cartodb_table = 'somemodeltable'  # model's table name in CartoDB


All django method's in models manager are the same, your actual code don't need modifications to work.

CartoManager includes a filter_cartodb() method to do complex queries to CartoDB.

Also, two shortcuts were added:

  • Get objects nearest to a position:
nearest(lat, lon, limit=10, offset=0)
  • Get objects inside a distance from a position:
distance(self, lat, lon, distance=1000, limit=10, offset=0)


Other methods like filter(), exclude(), order_by() can be chained and used together with filter_cartodb()

IMPORTANT: filter_cartodb() isn't lazy like filter() is, so each time is called, a request will be sent to CartoDB and your code will block until the response is received.

Parameters required:

  • lat: float with the latitude
  • lon: float with the longitude


  • distance: int, query objects inside a distance (in meters).
  • limit: int, limit number of objects retrieved
  • offset: int, remove from list first offset objects
# To get first 10 objects in 1km around the (lat, lon) point.
SomeModel.objects.filter_cartodb(lat=0.123434, lon=-3.154774, distance=1000, limit=10)
# To get the next 10 objects
SomeModel.objects.filter_cartodb(lat=0.123434, lon=-3.154774, distance=1000, limit=10, offset=10)

When iterating over the list of objects returned, each object get a distance attr added with the distance between the object and the point queried.


An initial JOINs support is available, add a param like tableJOIN__fieldJOIN__pkJOIN when calling filter_cartodb():

  • tableJOIN: is the name of the table in CartoDB to do the join.
  • fieldJOIN: the field in tableJOIN to filter
  • pkJOIN: the field in tableJOIN with the primary key reference to mix each table.
# add JOIN querying *categorytable* with field *category_id* equals to 2 and *model_id* as primary key field.


  • Return object list ordered by distance, in MySQL maybe FIELD(param, values) can be used.
  • Support to custom ORDER BY.
  • Support to add custom SQL queries.