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Azure Media Processors Java Client Implementation

This repository contains Java codes that implement Azure Media Processors Client using Azure SDK for Java. The documentation for this project will be updated shortly

azure-media-processor-java currently supports only Media analytics type of processors:

  • Media Encoder Standard
  • Azure Media Indexer
  • Azure Media Indexer 2 Preview
  • Azure Media Video Thumbnails
  • Azure Media OCR
  • Azure Media Stabilizer
  • Azure Media Motion Detector
  • Azure Media Face Detector
  • Azure Media Hyperlapse
  • Azure Media Redactor

But it has plan to support the following processors as well in near future:

  • Azure Media Encoder
  • Storage Decryption
  • Windows Azure Media Encoder
  • Windows Azure Media Encryptor
  • Windows Azure Media Packager

Application Usages

Here is how to execute the application using mvn command:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.args="-t ProcMode -a YourAssetName -c ./app.config -f ./sample.mp4 -p ./default-facedetection.json -o /path/output"

Here are args for the application that you specify in running the app:

usage: App -c <app.config> [-f <uploadfile>] -a <assetname> -p
        <amitaskparam.config> -o <outputdir> [-d <true/false>]
-a,--assetname <arg>   (Required) Asset Name to process media indexing
-c,--config <arg>      (Required) App config file. ex) app.config
-d,--download <arg>    (Optional) true/false (true by default) Set false
                       if you don't want to download output files
-f,--file <arg>        (Optional) Uploading file. By specifing this, you
                        start from uploading file
-o,--output <arg>      (Required) Output directory
-p,--params <arg>      (Required) Azure Media Processor Configuration
                        XML/Json file. ex) default-indexer.config
-t,--type <arg>        (Required) Media Processor type (Integer):
                        1  -> Media Encoder Standard
                        10 -> Azure Media Indexer
                        11 -> Azure Media Indexer 2 Preview
                        12 -> Azure Media Hyperlapse
                        13 -> Azure Media Face Detector
                        14 -> Azure Media Motion Detector
                        15 -> Azure Media Stabilizer
                        16 -> Azure Media Video Thumbnails
                        17 -> Azure Media OCR
                        18 -> Azure Media Redactor
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