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using System.Net;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
public static async Task<HttpResponseMessage> Run(HttpRequestMessage req, TraceWriter log)
log.Info("C# HTTP trigger function to process fluentd output request.");
log.Info( string.Format("Dump request:\n {0}",req.ToString()));
// parse query parameter
string payload = req.GetQueryNameValuePairs()
.FirstOrDefault(q => string.Compare(q.Key, "payload", true) == 0)
// Get request body
dynamic data = await req.Content.ReadAsAsync<object>();
if (data.payload == null) {
log.Info("Please pass a payload on the query string or in the request body");
return new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.BadRequest);
// Process Your Jobs!
dynamic r = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<dynamic>((string)data.payload);
if (r.key1!=null) log.Info(string.Format("key1={0}",r.key1));
if (r.key2!=null) log.Info(string.Format("key2={0}",r.key2));
if (r.key3!=null) log.Info(string.Format("key3={0}",r.key3));
if (r.mytime!=null) log.Info(string.Format("mytime={0}",r.mytime));
if (r.mytag!=null) log.Info(string.Format("mytag={0}",r.mytag));
return new HttpResponseMessage(HttpStatusCode.OK);