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An up-to-date user.js to speed up and secure Firefox
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BetterFox /v.74

about:config tweaks to enhance Mozilla Firefox. Files are updated as needed for your user.js.

Simple goals:

  1. Minimalism: get what isn't needed out of the way
  2. Efficiency: unleash Firefox's ability to be fast and performant
  3. Security: sensible privacy and security without causing site breakage

Simple configs:

List Description
Fastfox Immensely increase Firefox's browsing speed. Give Chrome a run for its money!
PeskyFox Unclutter the new tab page. Remove Pocket and form autofill. Prevent Firefox from serving annoying webpage notifications.
SmoothFox Get Microsoft Edge-like smooth scrolling on your favorite browser
SecureFox Remove Telemetry, Mozilla experiments, Google Safe Browsing, and search engine suggestions in URL bar. Auto-upgrade mixed content to HTTPS. Add various privacy enhancements — all without breaking webpages. You read that right. No breakage 😁
user.js Unified list.

Who is this setup for?

If you want a secure, blazing fast browsing experience, and don't want to deal with breakage, this setup is for you. My objective is to make the defaults sufficient enough for the average privacy-minded user, but remain trouble-free enough that my grandmother could use it. (That puts a whole new twist on being a foxy grandma!) Edit: Sorry for the dad joke 😓


A note to hardcore privacy users: I made SecureFox as private as I could, up to the point of experiencing breakage. My guiding principle was: "If it breaks it, it doesn't make it!" So things like WebGL and DRM are still enabled, and you won't find settings like 'privacy.firstparty.isolate' or 'network.http.referer.XOriginPolicy' mentioned here. BetterFox is designed to set-and-forget, not to troubleshoot and tinker. You can compare different user.js files here.

TL;DR: If your threat level calls for anonymity and not just reasonable privacy, please use the TOR browser. 👍

Recommended Extensions

  1. uBlock Origin: lightweight content blocker

    Add the custom list for the best in-browser protection. It's most comprehensive, unified domain blocklist available, actively maintained to prevent false positives and to keep the web usable! Use it alongside your usual lists. Read More [DNS format | ABP format]

  2. Bitwarden: encrypted password manager.

  3. ClearURLs: clean tracking parameters from URLs, Google searches, etc.

  4. Bypass Paywalls Clean: gain user access to the Wall Street Jounral, the New York times, etc.

  5. Tap to Tab: double-click (double tap) on a link to open it in a new tab. Designed with tablets and laptop trackpads in mind.


Hours spent reviewing, condensing, and testing ghacks user.js, about:config suggestions from websites and blogs, and keeping up with Mozilla updates. (Where there is similiarity to ghacks or other authors, credit goes to them.)

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