A user friendly urls component for MODx Revolution. Currently generates URLs in the form of site.com/username and site.com/username/custom-action.
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Description: Each user gets their own unique URL based on their username.
License: GPL v2 or later
Contact: oleg@websitezen.com
Starting date: December 14, 2010

# Roadmap:
* Have the helper snippet automatically save its ID if no uu.start is set
* Make URLs more configurable. They are currently locked into site.com/username and site.com/username/action (although you can have multiple custom actions)
* Allow fields other than the username (some config options are already set for this, but don't really work if you change them)
* Allow multiple instances to occur on the site with different URL schemes (using different prefixes and/or GET parameters)
* Have the helper snipper (UserUrls) generate placeholders for user info (to replace buggy Profile snippet behavior)
* (Optimization) (Potentially) Load as a service to avoid multiple user lookups by the various snippets. 
* User groups and permissions to _have_ a UserUrl page
* User groups and permissions to _see_ a UserUrl page

# Instructions, warnings, and docs: see Wiki