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A dirt simple library for parsing human readable dates

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A dirt simple library for parsing human readable dates (Today, Yesterday, Last Monday).

Why not Chronic or Tickle

Chronic and Tickle both parse a heap of formats. That's not useful to me when they fail on cases I want (14 Sep), and also not useful because I don't need times or spans. I just want to replace my calendar picker.

In addition, Kronic can take a date and give you a human readable form, neither of which Chronic nor Tickle does.

Oh yeah, Kronic is about 100 lines of code.


gem install kronic

require 'kronic'
Kronic.parse("Today")     # =>
Kronic.format( # => "Today"

Supported formats: Today, yesterday, tomorrow, last thursday, this thursday, 14 Sep, 14 June 2010. Any dates without a year are assumed to be in the past.


Kronic will be totally timezone aware. It may or may not be now, I haven't specced it. Maybe a flag to toggle interpretation of dates without years.

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