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Small command-line tools for making certificates with OCaml x509/nocrypto toolstack.
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A very small utility for common certificate operations using ocaml-x509 and ocaml-nocrypto for key generation. Intended as a (non-drop-in) replacement for these uses of the command-line openssl utility.


certify is now available in opam, a free source-based package manager for OCaml. You can install certify via opam with opam install certify.

Outside of opam:

git clone
dune build

The certify binary will be in _build/default/install/bin, and you can install it wherever you like, or just use it in place.


For help, try certify selfsign --help, certify sign --help, or certify csr --help.

  • certify selfsign produces a private key and self-signed certificate
  • certify sign takes a certificate signing request, and a CA (key and certificate), and produces a certificate
  • certify csr produces a private key and a certificate signing request


Simple openssl interoperability tests are in tests/

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