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let macaddr : Macaddr.t Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[uint8; uint8; uint8; uint8; uint8; uint8] (fun a b c d e f ->
Macaddr.make_local @@ function
| 0 -> (a land 252)
| 1 -> b | 2 -> c | 3 -> d | 4 -> e | _n -> f
let uint16 : Cstruct.uint16 Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[uint8; uint8] (fun u l -> (u lsl 4) + l)
let ipv4 : Ipaddr.V4.t Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[int32] (Ipaddr.V4.of_int32)
let ipv4_prefix : Ipaddr.V4.Prefix.t Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[range 31; ipv4] (fun a b -> Ipaddr.V4.Prefix.make (a+1) b)
let static_routes : (Ipaddr.V4.t * Ipaddr.V4.t) Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[ipv4; ipv4] (fun a b -> a, b)
let opt_code : Dhcp_wire.option_code Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.int_to_option_code a |> Crowbar.nonetheless)
let unassigned_code : Dhcp_wire.option_code Crowbar.gen =
Crowbar.choose [
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_84;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_96;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_102;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_103;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_104;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_105;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_106;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_107;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_108;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_109;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_110;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_111;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_115;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_126;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_127;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_143;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_147;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_148;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_149;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_161;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_162;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_163;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_164;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_165;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_166;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_167;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_168;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_169;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_170;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_171;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_172;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_173;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_174;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_178;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_179;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_180;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_181;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_182;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_183;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_184;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_185;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_186;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_187;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_188;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_189;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_190;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_191;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_192;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_193;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_194;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_195;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_196;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_197;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_198;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_199;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_200;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_201;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_202;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_203;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_204;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_205;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_206;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_207;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_214;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_215;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_216;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_217;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_218;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_219;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_222;
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.UNASSIGNED_223;
let unassigned : Dhcp_wire.dhcp_option Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[unassigned_code; bytes] (fun a s ->
Dhcp_wire.Unassigned (a, s)
let client_id : Dhcp_wire.client_id Crowbar.gen =
Crowbar.choose [ Crowbar.[macaddr] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Hwaddr a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Id a)
let msgtype : Dhcp_wire.msgtype Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[range 14] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.int_to_msgtype (a+1) |> Crowbar.nonetheless)
let opt : Dhcp_wire.dhcp_option Crowbar.gen =
Crowbar.choose [ Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Subnet_mask a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Time_offset a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Routers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Time_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Name_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Dns_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Log_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Cookie_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Lpr_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Impress_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Rsclocation_servers a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Hostname a); Crowbar.[uint16] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Bootfile_size a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Merit_dumpfile a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Domain_name a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Swap_server a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Root_path a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Extension_path a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ipforwarding a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nlsr a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4_prefix] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Policy_filters a); Crowbar.[uint16] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Max_datagram a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Default_ip_ttl a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pmtu_ageing_timo a); Crowbar.[list1 uint16] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pmtu_plateau_table a); Crowbar.[uint16] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Interface_mtu a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.All_subnets_local a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Broadcast_addr a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Perform_mask_discovery a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Mask_supplier a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Perform_router_disc a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Router_sol_addr a); Crowbar.[list1 static_routes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Static_routes a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Trailer_encapsulation a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Arp_cache_timo a); Crowbar.[bool] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ethernet_encapsulation a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Tcp_default_ttl a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Tcp_keepalive_interval a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Tcp_keepalive_garbage a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nis_domain a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nis_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ntp_servers a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Vendor_specific a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netbios_name_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netbios_datagram_distrib_servers a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netbios_node a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netbios_scope a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Xwindow_font_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Xwindow_display_managers a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Request_ip a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ip_lease_time a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Option_overload a); Crowbar.[msgtype] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Message_type a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Server_identifier a); Crowbar.[list1 opt_code] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Parameter_requests a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Message a); Crowbar.[uint16] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Max_message a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Renewal_t1 a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Rebinding_t2 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Vendor_class_id a); Crowbar.[client_id] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Client_id a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netware_ip_domain a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netware_ip_option a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nis_plus_domain a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nis_plus_servers a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Tftp_server_name a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Bootfile_name a); Crowbar.[list ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Mobile_ip_home_agent a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Smtp_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pop3_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nntp_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Www_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Finger_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Irc_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Streettalk_servers a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Streettalk_da a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.User_class a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Directory_agent a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Service_scope a);
Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.Rapid_commit; Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Client_fqdn a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Relay_agent_information a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Isns a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nds_servers a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nds_tree_name a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Nds_context a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Bcmcs_controller_domain_name_list a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Bcmcs_controller_ipv4_addrs a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Authentication a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Client_last_transaction_time a); Crowbar.[list1 ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Associated_ips a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Client_system a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Client_ndi a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ldap a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Uuid_guid a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.User_auth a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Geoconf_civic a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pcode a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Tcode a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netinfo_address a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Netinfo_tag a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Url a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Auto_config a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Name_service_search a); Crowbar.[ipv4] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Subnet_selection a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Domain_search a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Sip_servers a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Classless_static_route a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ccc a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Geoconf a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Vi_vendor_class a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Vi_vendor_info a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_128 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_129 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_130 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_131 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_132 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_133 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_134 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_135 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pana_agent a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.V4_lost a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Capwap_ac_v4 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ipv4_address_mos a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ipv4_fqdn_mos a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Sip_ua_domains a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ipv4_address_andsf a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Geolock a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Forcenew_nonce_capable a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Rdnss_selection a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Misc_150 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Status_code a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Absolute_time a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Start_time_of_state a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Query_start_time a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Query_end_time a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Dhcp_state a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Data_source a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.V4_pcp_server a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.V4_portparams a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Dhcp_captive_portal a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Etherboot_175 a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Ip_telefone a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Etherboot_177 a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Pxe_linux a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Configuration_file a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Path_prefix a); Crowbar.[int32] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Reboot_time a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Option_6rd a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.V4_access_domain a); Crowbar.[uint8] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Subnet_allocation a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Virtual_subnet_selection a); Crowbar.[bytes] (fun a -> Dhcp_wire.Web_proxy_auto_disc a);
(* if we don't restrict "Unassigned" to stuff we don't know about,
* we end up getting false negative results on the deserialize/serialize
* equality test *)
(* charrua-core discards unknown options, so don't include them *)
let op : Dhcp_wire.op Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[range 1] (fun n -> Dhcp_wire.int_to_op_exn @@ n+1)
let htype : Dhcp_wire.htype Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.const Dhcp_wire.Ethernet_10mb
let hlen = Crowbar.const 6
let flags : Dhcp_wire.flags Crowbar.gen = Crowbar.[range 1] (function
| 0 -> Dhcp_wire.Broadcast
| _n -> Dhcp_wire.Unicast)
let packet ?with_msgtype () : Dhcp_wire.pkt Crowbar.gen =
let msg_gen = match with_msgtype with
| Some m -> Crowbar.const m
| None -> msgtype
in Crowbar.[
macaddr; macaddr;
ipv4; ipv4;
uint16; uint16;
htype; hlen;
ipv4; ipv4; ipv4; ipv4;
bytes; bytes;
list1 opt;
] (fun srcmac dstmac srcip dstip srcport dstport op htype hlen hops xid secs
flags ciaddr yiaddr siaddr giaddr chaddr raw_sname raw_file msg opt ->
(* coercing the random sname and file into a correctly-sized fixed
* buffer is a bit annoying, and additionally we need to handle the empty case *)
let sname, file = Bytes.create 64, Bytes.create 128 in
let is_null n =
let non_null = ref false in
Bytes.iter (fun i -> match !non_null, i with _, '\000' | true, _ -> ()
| false, _ -> non_null := true) n;
not !non_null
Bytes.fill sname 0 64 '\000';
Bytes.fill file 0 128 '\000';
Bytes.blit (Bytes.of_string raw_sname) 0 sname 0 (min 64 (String.length raw_sname));
Bytes.blit (Bytes.of_string raw_file) 0 file 0 (min 128 (String.length raw_file));
let sname = match is_null sname with | true -> "" | _ -> Bytes.to_string sname
and file = match is_null file with | true -> "" | _ -> Bytes.to_string file
Dhcp_wire.{ srcmac = srcmac; dstmac; srcip; dstip; srcport; dstport;
op; htype; hlen; hops; xid; secs; flags;
ciaddr; yiaddr; siaddr; giaddr; chaddr; sname; file;
options = (Message_type msg) :: opt; }