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Cat Fact Client

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A Client library in Kotlin for

This is the example client library as described in the article link to article.

The library would do a best effort to supply the required number of facts, but it is not guaranteed that the number of facts returned would be the same as the number requested, but only limited by it.


The library can be used as follows:

val client = CatFactFactory.getInstabce(API, objectMapper)
val facts = client.getFacts(3)

Alternatively, you can use the mock version of the library that does not require any network calls:

val client = CatFactFactory.getInstabce(MOCK, objectMapper)
val facts = client.getFacts(3)

Adding the library to your project

The library is available on GitHub Packages, and can be added to your project as follows:

Add to your build.gradle.kts:

repositories {
    maven {
        url = uri("")
        credentials {
            username = project.findProperty("gpr.user")?.toString() ?: System.getenv("GITHUB_ACTOR")
            password = project.findProperty("gpr.key")?.toString() ?: System.getenv("GITHUB_TOKEN")

You can then add the library as a dependency:

dependencies {