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It’s a soundboard on steroids!
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It’s a soundboard on steroids!

Yonder is a ambience sound generation tool for pen&paper roleplaying games, focusing on easy usage while keeping high flexibility.


  • Easily creates realistic ambiences with the four event types:
  • Music: playlist based music playback
    • Ambience: reoccuring loops for basic ambience
    • Singleshots: for immediate sounds
    • Sfx: random events to precisely control of your soundscape
  • Activate single events or whole groups with hotkeys
  • Remote controllable via web interface
  • Manage your sounds with the built-in libraries and tag driven filtering
  • Decodes almost every codec you throw at it
  • Get once, run everywhere
    • you may install Yonder on as many machines as you like. No stupid license keys, no DRM
  • runs on Windows, Linux and OSX!

What’s in the works right now?

  • The sfx events need some more options and need to be way more configurable
  • Boost music section and improve playlist handling
  • Surround and 3D options, special effects


Visit for more information and packages


Please submit bugs to the github issue tracker.

This project is in the process of being restructured for future development. The master branch might compile but won't work as expected.

Yonder has fmod (, taglib ( and QFrontDesk ( as dependencies.


We are always open to new ideas and input on every part of the project. Feel free to open an issue or use the forums at Any help is appreciated.

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