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OpenCollab Protocol Contracts

The OpenCollab protocol is a proof-of-concept blockchain based protocol for incentivizing open source software development using the OpenCollab token (an ERC20 token). The protocol is implemented by a set of Ethereum smart contracts.


opencollab-contracts can be used with TestRPC, a Node.js based Ethereum client for testing and development.

If you do not already have TestRPC installed globally:

npm install -g ethereum-testrpc

You will also need Truffle, an Ethereum smart contract development framework, installed in order to run the contract tests.

If you do not already have Truffle installed globally:

npm install -g truffle


Make sure TestRPC is running. Gas usage has not been addressed so it is likely necessary to run TestRPC with a high block gas limit.

testrpc -l 1000000000

Run the contract tests:

git clone
cd opencollab-contracts
truffle test