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Stropheruby is a ruby bindings for Strophe, a C library for writing XMPP clients.
This is a fork of flamontagne's stropheruby ( with the following improvements:
* A patched version of libstrophe (trunk) is included. So there is no extra library to install.
* (libstrophe) Fixed a timeout issue on Mac OSX:
* (libstrophe) Fixed basic auth:
* (libstrophe) Changed xmpp_run_once's return code so that the application can tell if an error or timeout occurs
* (libstrophe) Better error reporting for login failure
* (libstrophe) If no password given, do not login. This will give 'register' a chance to run
* (stropheruby) Added send_raw_string method
* (stropheruby) Detect login failure
* (stropheruby) Fixed a resource leak
* (stropheruby) Added wrapper class for xmpp_stream_error_t (StropheRuby::StreamError)
sudo gem sources -a
sudo gem install yong-stropheruby
For Rails app, add this line in your config/environment.rb:
config.gem "yong-stropheruby", :source => "", :lib => "strophe_ruby"
See examples/xmpp_client.rb
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