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/* common.h
** strophe XMPP client library -- internal common structures
** Copyright (C) 2005-2008 OGG, LLC. All rights reserved.
** This software is provided AS-IS with no warranty, either express or
** implied.
** This software is distributed under license and may not be copied,
** modified or distributed except as expressly authorized under the
** terms of the license contained in the file LICENSE.txt in this
** distribution.
/** @file
* Internally used functions and structures.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#ifndef _WIN32
#include <stdint.h>
#include "strophe.h"
#include "sock.h"
#include "tls.h"
#include "hash.h"
#include "util.h"
#include "expat.h"
/** run-time context **/
typedef enum {
} xmpp_loop_status_t;
typedef struct _xmpp_connlist_t {
xmpp_conn_t *conn;
struct _xmpp_connlist_t *next;
} xmpp_connlist_t;
struct _xmpp_ctx_t {
const xmpp_mem_t *mem;
const xmpp_log_t *log;
xmpp_loop_status_t loop_status;
xmpp_connlist_t *connlist;
/* convenience functions for accessing the context */
void *xmpp_alloc(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx, const size_t size);
void *xmpp_realloc(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx, void *p,
const size_t size);
char *xmpp_strdup(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx, const char * const s);
void xmpp_log(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx,
const xmpp_log_level_t level,
const char * const area,
const char * const fmt,
va_list ap);
/* wrappers for xmpp_log at specific levels */
void xmpp_error(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx,
const char * const area,
const char * const fmt,
void xmpp_warn(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx,
const char * const area,
const char * const fmt,
void xmpp_info(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx,
const char * const area,
const char * const fmt,
void xmpp_debug(const xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx,
const char * const area,
const char * const fmt,
/** jid */
/* these return new strings that must be xmpp_free()'d */
char *xmpp_jid_new(xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, const char *node,
const char *domain,
const char *resource);
char *xmpp_jid_bare(xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, const char *jid);
char *xmpp_jid_node(xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, const char *jid);
char *xmpp_jid_domain(xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, const char *jid);
char *xmpp_jid_resource(xmpp_ctx_t *ctx, const char *jid);
/** connection **/
/* opaque connection object */
typedef enum {
} xmpp_conn_state_t;
typedef struct _xmpp_send_queue_t xmpp_send_queue_t;
struct _xmpp_send_queue_t {
char *data;
size_t len;
size_t written;
xmpp_send_queue_t *next;
typedef struct _xmpp_handlist_t xmpp_handlist_t;
struct _xmpp_handlist_t {
/* common members */
int user_handler;
void *handler;
void *userdata;
int enabled; /* handlers are added disabled and enabled after the
* handler chain is processed to prevent stanzas from
* getting processed by newly added handlers */
xmpp_handlist_t *next;
union {
/* timed handlers */
struct {
unsigned long period;
uint64_t last_stamp;
/* id handlers */
struct {
char *id;
/* normal handlers */
struct {
char *ns;
char *name;
char *type;
#define SASL_MASK_PLAIN 0x01
#define SASL_MASK_DIGESTMD5 0x02
typedef void (*xmpp_open_handler)(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
struct _xmpp_conn_t {
unsigned int ref;
xmpp_ctx_t *ctx;
xmpp_conn_type_t type;
xmpp_conn_state_t state;
uint64_t timeout_stamp;
int error;
xmpp_stream_error_t *stream_error;
sock_t sock;
tls_t *tls;
int tls_support;
int tls_failed; /* set when tls fails, so we don't try again */
int sasl_support; /* if true, field is a bitfield of supported
mechanisms */
/* if server returns <bind/> or <session/> we must do them */
int bind_required;
int session_required;
char *lang;
char *domain;
char *connectdomain;
char *connectport;
char *jid;
char *pass;
char *stream_id;
/* send queue and parameters */
int blocking_send;
int send_queue_max;
int send_queue_len;
xmpp_send_queue_t *send_queue_head;
xmpp_send_queue_t *send_queue_tail;
/* xml parser */
int reset_parser;
XML_Parser parser;
int depth;
xmpp_stanza_t *stanza;
/* timeouts */
unsigned int connect_timeout;
/* event handlers */
/* stream open handler */
xmpp_open_handler open_handler;
/* user handlers only get called after authentication */
int authenticated;
/* connection events handler */
xmpp_conn_handler conn_handler;
void *userdata;
/* other handlers */
xmpp_handlist_t *timed_handlers;
hash_t *id_handlers;
xmpp_handlist_t *handlers;
void conn_disconnect(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
void conn_disconnect_clean(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
void conn_open_stream(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
typedef enum {
} xmpp_stanza_type_t;
struct _xmpp_stanza_t {
int ref;
xmpp_ctx_t *ctx;
xmpp_stanza_type_t type;
xmpp_stanza_t *prev;
xmpp_stanza_t *next;
xmpp_stanza_t *children;
xmpp_stanza_t *parent;
char *data;
hash_t *attributes;
int xmpp_stanza_set_attributes(xmpp_stanza_t * const stanza,
const char * const * const attr);
/* parser functions */
void parser_handle_start(void *userdata,
const XML_Char *name,
const XML_Char **attr);
void parser_handle_character(void *userdata, const XML_Char *s, int len);
void parser_handle_end(void *userdata, const XML_Char *name);
void parser_prepare_reset(xmpp_conn_t * const conn,
xmpp_open_handler handler);
int parser_reset(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
/* handler management */
void handler_fire_stanza(xmpp_conn_t * const conn,
xmpp_stanza_t * const stanza);
uint64_t handler_fire_timed(xmpp_ctx_t * const ctx);
void handler_reset_timed(xmpp_conn_t *conn, int user_only);
void handler_add_timed(xmpp_conn_t * const conn,
xmpp_timed_handler handler,
const unsigned long period,
void * const userdata);
void handler_add_id(xmpp_conn_t * const conn,
xmpp_handler handler,
const char * const id,
void * const userdata);
void handler_add(xmpp_conn_t * const conn,
xmpp_handler handler,
const char * const ns,
const char * const name,
const char * const type,
void * const userdata);
/* utility functions */
void disconnect_mem_error(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
/* auth functions */
void auth_handle_open(xmpp_conn_t * const conn);
/* replacement snprintf and vsnprintf */
int xmpp_snprintf (char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt, ...);
int xmpp_vsnprintf (char *str, size_t count, const char *fmt, va_list arg);
#endif /* __LIBSTROPHE_COMMON_H__ */
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