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BoxBy is a content delivery solution for underserved communities. A project for RMIT ITS Hack-a-thon Connected Communities 2019 | First Prize Winner [Trip to Silicon Valley, SFO / valued at $18,000+]
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a content delivery solution for underserved communities, hence connecting communities, [...] delivering accessible solutions [...] to anyone anywhere.

Came 1st out of 30 teams in RMIT ITS Hack-a-thon Connected Communities 2019, earning a trip to San Francisco valued at AUD$18,000+ and networking opportunities in Silicon Valley with industry leaders.

How do we provide equal opportunity in a world with asymmetric information access?

  • Rural communities and developing nations? They get left behind.
  • It has been shown that children that have early access to education have better life outcomes.

The Solution:

  • Digital content platforms are an efficient method to engage with students.
  • Boxby, software platform solution with complementary hardware.
  • BoxBy offers offline content cache for disconnected areas.
  • BoxBy is scalable and provides quality content to users of all ages.
  • The platform provides curated opt-in content.


  • BoxBy provides a new way to bring education to previously underrepresented markets.
  • The platform supports many open-source courses with the ability to host university directed coursework.
  • BoxBy users have the ability to access cached data anytime, anywhere.
  • BoxBy's cache can update automatically once connected to the internet or with portable physical storage.
  • BoxBy is also designed for accessibility in mind.

BoxBy's Demo:

To Run:

To run in dev mode with nodemon use npm run dev

Navigate to http://localhost:2000/

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