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Preprocess Modules
**For parameters, press help in each input dialog.**
.. image:: _images/preprocessing_3.png
:scale: 100%
:align: right
:width: 356
:height: 574
`Slice Timing`_
Correct for timing information of each slice during one TR.
Correct and estimate spatially the head motion.
`Coregister (optional)`_
Coregister structural image to mean functional images.
Normalize functional images to standard space (both `SPM12`_ and `SPM8`_ methods is valid).
Multi-variable regression and filter.
3D spatial smooth with Gaussian kernal.
.. _`Slice Timing`: slice_timing.html
.. _`Realign`: realign.html
.. _`Coregister (optional)`: coregister.html
.. _`Normalize`: normalise_spm12.html
.. _`SPM12`: normalise_spm12.html
.. _`SPM8`: normalise.html
.. _`Denoise`: denoise.html
.. _`Smooth`: smooth.html
- **Buttons**:
- **R**: Refresh (only checkboxes, parameters will remain untouched). Uncheck all selected items and recover the Run button when an error occurs.
- **S**: Save parameters of the current panel to a :file:`\*.mat` file. The :file:`\*.mat` can be further loaded for the panel or be used in a script processing.
- **L**: Load parameters from :file:`\*.mat` for the current panel.
- **?**: Help information.