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IBMA (Image-based meta-analysis)
With statistical maps of different datasets tested using same analysis pipeline, and the demography of each sample, users can perform meta-analysis to merge the multisite statistics using image-based or matrix-based meta-analysis. We have implemented Stouffer's z-score method, Fisher's method, fixed/mixed effects model, Worsley and Friston's method and Nichols' method.
.. image:: _images/ibma.png
:align: right
* **data**: matrix
* **filetype**: files in the filetype will be searched in input directories.
* **data dir**: directory where all :file:`ttest2\*.mat` results are stored.
* **data**: volume
* **center info**: number of subjects for different centers. A csv format table is required. N1 and N2 is the number of subjects in each group.
====================== === ===
center N1 N2
====================== === ===
ttest2_center1_a_vs_b 40 39
ttest2_center2_a_vs_b 38 37
====================== === ===
* **mask**: could be whole brain mask or gray matter mask.
* **id index**: identifier to find unique string for each subject
* **filetype**: files in the filetype will be searched in input directories.
* **data dir**: directories can be input either using a :file:`\*.txt` file or spm select window.
* **Multiple comparison correction methods (voxel-wise)**
* **threshold**: the level of MULCC
* **fdrID**: false discovery rate (independent input)
* **fdrN**: false discovery rate (inputs not independent)
* **bonf**: Bonferroni correction for family wise error rate
* **IBMA Methods**:
* `Stouffer's z-score`_
* `Fisher's method`_
* `Fixed Effects Model`_
* `Mixed Effects Model`_
* `Friston's method`_
* `Nichols's method`_
.. _`Stouffer's z-score`:
.. _`Fisher's method`:
.. _`Fixed Effects Model`:
.. _`Mixed Effects Model`:
.. _`Friston's method`:
.. _`Nichols's method`:
* **out dir**: output directory for saving results.
- **Buttons**:
- **S**: Save parameters of the current panel to a :file:`\*.mat` file. The :file:`\*.mat` can be further loaded for the panel or be used in a script processing.
- **L**: Load parameters from :file:`\*.mat` for the current panel.
- **?**: Help information.
* **References**:
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