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Presentation for R Package: Sinew

R Packages

  • What: Bundled script to reproduce analysis
    • Code
    • Data
    • Documentation
    • Tests
  • Why: Promotes collaboration across researchers
  • Added Value: Consistent help documentation format

Portable Structure

  • DESCRIPTION : Package Metadata
  • NAMESPACE : Manages how the packages interacts with other packages
  • R/ : script
  • man/ : documentation (Rd files)
  • data/ : data
  • tests/ : unit tests


Popular R package that has an easy API to maintain the documentation for each function and the package namespace.

  • You do not have to manually maintain the Rd files that are needed to populate the man subdirectory.
    • The documentation is in the same place as the object that it is describing.
  • You do not have to manually maintain the NAMESPACE file.
    • Namespacing for the object is compiled as part of the documentation.

High Bars

This is great, but is still a pretty high bar to pass for a non-expert developers.

  • You have to understand and track what are the depends, imports and suggests of the package.
    • @import and @importFrom
  • You have to keep a consistent documentation layout across functions.
    • @params, @examples
  • You have to manage links across packages
    • @seealso

Juggling Act

For more seasoned package developers this also can be an arduous task.

  • Every change to the script

    • e.g. using another package, add a formal argument
  • You need to update the {roxygen2} documentation

    • update @params, @imports, @importFrom
  • Next level

    • manage quosures with tidyverse packages


Package Goal

  • automate nearly all of the manual tasks needed to document functions
  • properly set up the import fields for oxygenation
  • make it easier to attain documentation consistency across functions and packages.
  • change and append updated parameters, definitions, namespacing to existing documentation

Next Level

When your package imports tidyverse packages it adds a new level of development stress... Managing Quosures

You probably have seen this...

* checking R code for possible problems ... NOTE
xx: no visible binding for global variablempgUndefined global functions or variables:

R CMD check results
0 errors | 0 warnings | 1 note 


  • This small utility package runs the same functions that devtools::check() to check for problems in variable usage and returns a data_frame containing all the warnings, ready for package introspection.

  • Github:

    • Proactive methods append {rlang} syntax to resolve the warnings.
    • Great for package development/maintenance and to teach correct syntax usage in small examples.

Workflow Example

  • In the following 10 minute example we will create a fully functional R package with valid namespacing and documentation that will result in
R CMD check --as-cran

0 errors | 0 warnings | 0 notes
  • Time permitting we will see the interactive capabilities of the packages.

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