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IRC bot for the #scosug channel on Freenode

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The official IRC bot of the Southern Connecticut Open Source User Group!


It's written in Ruby using the Cinch framework while relying on the super-cool MongoDB as a backend. You can interact with scosugbot on the #scosug channel on Freenode.


Current features:


!memorize scosug is wonderful!

!recall scosug #=> "I recall that scosug is wonderful!"

,scosug #=> "I recall that scosug is wonderful!"

!tell yonkeltron about scosug #=> "yonkeltron: I recall that scosug is wonderful!"


!ping #=> "pong -> [timestamp]"


!fortune #=> "WHA!"


In order to function, scosugbot has a few required dependencies:

  • Ruby 1.9.2
  • bundler
  • Cinch framework
  • MongoDB (the database, install from package manager)
  • Mongoid (the gem)
  • JSON (the gem)
  • Rake
  • Fortune (install from package manager)

For testing:

Install MongoDB using your system's package manager or by following the instructions on the MongoDB site. As for the rest, you can use carlhuda's most excellent bundler tool to install the gems for you. No worries, just run a bundle install in the source directory and the appropriate data will be read from the Gemfile without issue.

Run the tests

Once you have installed the requirements, you can run the tests with little more than a bundle exec rake. Make sure MongoDB is running as the test suite also serves as a way to veryify connectivity and environmental configuration.

The tests are not so speedy because they actually have to do some database hitting but I hope to make them faster in the future. Improvements welcome.


Right now, scosug has some foul language in its vocabulary. Enjoy.


  • Weather plugin
  • Port to CouchDB
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