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Personal website (blog) made with React
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Personal website (blog) made with React

What is this?

This is the source code of my blog, which is a static website made using React.

I orignally thought of making static generator first then making my blog, but, since it's quite complicated and there's no 'user serviceable part' in the library, I decided to keep it as a part of my blog. But you can copy this project and create your own, of course. I'll separate it once I finish tidying up.

Why did you make this?

There already is a React-based static website generator called Gatsby, but it saves whole blog data in the single JS file! It'll be improved, though. It'll be really really bad if the blog gets bigger.

So I decided to create a static blog generator which keeps its data into bunch of JSON files, then makes AJAX call to fetch them.

Sure, it's more complicated, but it'd be better if the site gets bigger.



The generator is (mainly) divided to 4 parts:

  • Metadata generator from posts
  • Route generator from metadata
  • Client side code /w react-router
  • RSS / Atom generator

Metadata generation

Generator scans posts directory and generates metadata from the file. It should generate tags and posts directory at the same time.

Metadata is then separated to several json files, ready to be loaded by client side code. Post specific files should be loaded to metadata directory too.

Route generation

Route generator scans the metadata and creates a list of 'interesting' addresses. Then react-blog will run server side rendering for each addresses.

Client side code

Client side code is React single page application. It fetches metadata on the fly then renders the page.

RSS / Atom generator

RSS / Atom genrator changes the metadata into RSS / Atom XML file. Since React can't do XML rendering, I've used pug template engine to render them.


The code itself is under MIT license, however, blog posts and media files doesn't have license (All rights reserved).

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