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A library to easily create text-based images (e.g. images that primarily contain text).

This is just a thin layer on top of Pillow.


This is compatible with Python 3.6 and above.

Run the following command to install:

$ pip install txtimg


from txtimg import TxtImg

text = """
What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?

What's up B? (WASABI)

t = TxtImg()
img = t.generate_from_text(text)"wasabi.png")


You can specify parameters to the TxtImg constructor:

  • font - Font used for your text. This is a PIL ImageFont object
  • base_img - You can specify a base image to use, rather than the default white background. This is a PIL Image object.
  • horizontal_margin - Horizontal margin in pixels
  • vertical_margin - Vertical margin in pixels
  • chars_per_row - Number of characters per row
  • txt_color - A tuple representing the RGB values, e.g. (255, 0, 0) for red.
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