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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section alias="warp-themes" name="Warp Themes" folder="Warp Themes">
<separator label="Warp 7" />
<category alias="get-started" name="Get Started" folder="07 Get Started">
<doc alias="joomla" name="Setup a Joomla Template" file="01 Joomla.html"/>
<doc alias="wordpress" name="Setup a WordPress Theme" file="02 WordPress.html"/>
<doc alias="update" name="How to update" file="03 Update.html"/>
<doc alias="settings" name="Theme Settings" file="04 Settings.html"/>
<doc alias="customizer" name="Customizer" file="05 Customizer.html"/>
<doc alias="layouts" name="Layout Settings" file="06 Layouts.html"/>
<doc alias="widgets" name="Widget/Module Settings" file="07 Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="menus" name="Menu Settings" file="08 Menus.html"/>
<doc alias="information" name="Theme Information" file="09 Information.html"/>
<category alias="developers" name="Developers" folder="08 Developers">
<doc alias="file-structure" name="File structure" file="01 File structure.html"/>
<doc alias="theme-layout" name="Theme layout" file="02 Theme layout.html"/>
<doc alias="widgets-2" name="Widgets/Modules" file="03 Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="customization" name="Customization" file="04 Customization.html"/>
<doc alias="config" name="Config.xml" file="05 Config.html"/>
<doc alias="languages" name="Languages" file="06 Languages.html"/>
<doc alias="error-pages" name="Error Pages" file="07 Error pages.html"/>
<doc alias="less-customization" name="LESS Customization" file="08 LESS Customization.html"/>
<category alias="troubleshooting" name="Troubleshooting" folder="09 Troubleshooting">
<doc alias="installation-issues-3" name="Installation issues" file="01 Installation issues.html"/>
<doc alias="file-permission-issues-4" name="File permission issues" file="02 File permission issues.html"/>
<doc alias="javascript-errors-4" name="JavaScript errors" file="03 JavaScript errors.html"/>
<doc alias="disable-responsive" name="Disable the responsive layout" file="04 Disable the responsive layout.html"/>
<doc alias="feature-and-compatibility-overview" name="Feature and Compatibility Overview" file="05 Feature and Compatibility Overview.html"/>
<doc alias="faq" name="FAQ" file="06 FAQ.html"/>
<separator label="Warp 6" />
<category alias="getting-started" name="Getting Started" folder="01 Getting Started">
<doc alias="install-a-joomla-template" name="Install a Joomla Template" file="01 Install a Joomla Template.html"/>
<doc alias="install-a-wordpress-theme" name="Install a WordPress Theme" file="01 Install a WordPress Theme.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-a-theme-demo-package" name="Setup a Theme Demo Package" file="02 Setup a Theme Demo Package.html"/>
<doc alias="theme-settings" name="Theme Settings" file="03 Theme Settings.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-logo" name="Setup the Logo" file="04 Setup the Logo.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-joomla-menu" name="Setup the Joomla Menu" file="05 Setup the Joomla Menu.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-wordpress-menu" name="Setup the WordPress Menu" file="05 Setup the WordPress Menu.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-joomla-modules" name="Setup the Joomla Modules" file="06 Setup the Joomla Modules.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-wordpress-widgets" name="Setup the WordPress Widgets" file="06 Setup the WordPress Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-use-profiles" name="How to use Profiles" file="07 How to use Profiles.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-update" name="How to Update" file="08 How to Update.html"/>
<doc alias="where-is-the-changelog" name="Where is the Changelog" file="09 Where is the Changelog.html"/>
<doc alias="using-warp-themes-with-wpml" name="Using Warp Themes with WPML" file="10 Using Warp Themes with WPML.html"/>
<category alias="customizing" name="Customizing" folder="03 Customizing">
<doc alias="how-to-customize" name="How to Customize" file="01 How to Customize.html"/>
<doc alias="directory-structure-explained" name="Directory Structure Explained" file="02 Directory Structure Explained.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-style" name="Create a new Style" file="03 Create a new Style.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-module-position" name="Create a new Module Position" file="04 Create a new Module Position.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-module-layout" name="Create a new Module Layout" file="05 Create a new Module Layout.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-module-style" name="Create a new Module Style" file="06 Create a new Module Style.html"/>
<doc alias="add-new-css-js-or-fonts" name="Add new CSS, JS or Fonts" file="07 Add new CSS, JS or Fonts.html"/>
<doc alias="override-system-files" name="Override System Files" file="08 Override System Files.html"/>
<doc alias="create-language-files" name="Create Language Files" file="09 Create Language Files.html"/>
<doc alias="integrate-buddypress" name="Integrate BuddyPress" file="10 Integrate BuddyPress.html"/>
<doc alias="customize-the-error-pages" name="Customize the Error Pages" file="11 Customize the Error Pages.html"/>
<doc alias="getting-started-with-warp-german" name="Getting Started with Warp (German)" file="12 Getting Started with Warp (German).html"/>
<category alias="troubleshooting" name="Troubleshooting" folder="05 Troubleshooting">
<doc alias="how-to-solve-theme-issues" name="How To Solve Theme Issues" file="01 How To Solve Theme Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="installation-issues" name="Installation Issues" file="02 Installation Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="file-permission-issues" name="File Permission Issues" file="03 File Permission Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="javascript-errors" name="JavaScript Errors" file="04 Javascript Errors.html"/>
<doc alias="validation-errors" name="Validation Errors" file="05 Validation Errors.html"/>
<doc alias="upgrading-to-joomla-3" name="Upgrading to Joomla 3.1" file="07 Upgrading to Joomla 3.html"/>
<separator label="Legacy" />
<category alias="legacy-warp-55" name="Warp 5.5" folder="02 Legacy - Warp 5.5">
<doc alias="change-the-layout-column-widths" name="Change the Layout Column Widths" file="01 Change the Layout Column Widths.html"/>
<doc alias="add-custom-css-and-javascript-files" name="Add Custom CSS and JavaScript Files" file="02 Add Custom CSS and JavaScript Files.html"/>
<doc alias="customizing-template-presets" name="Customizing Template Presets" file="03 Customizing Template Presets.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-menus" name="Setup the Menus" file="04 Setup the Menus.html"/>
<doc alias="set-a-custom-page-suffix" name="Set a Custom Page Suffix" file="05 Set a Custom Page Suffix.html"/>
<doc alias="set-module-proportions" name="Set Module Proportions" file="06 Set Module Proportions.html"/>
<category alias="legacy-warp-5" name="Warp 5" folder="04 Legacy - Warp 5">
<doc alias="add-custom-css-and-javascript-files-2" name="Add Custom CSS and JavaScript Files" file="01 Add Custom CSS and JavaScript Files.html"/>
<doc alias="change-the-layout-column-widths-2" name="Change the Layout Column Widths" file="02 Change the Layout Column Widths.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-menus-2" name="Setup the Menus" file="03 Setup the Menus.html"/>
<doc alias="set-a-custom-page-suffix-2" name="Set a custom page suffix" file="04 Set a custom page suffix.html"/>
<category alias="legacy-pre-warp" name="Pre Warp" folder="06 Legacy - Pre Warp">
<doc alias="setup-the-menu-system" name="Setup the Menu System" file="01 Setup the Menu System.html"/>
<doc alias="change-site-colors-for-menu-items" name="Change Site Colors for Menu Items" file="02 Change Site Colors for Menu Items.html"/>
<doc alias="setup-the-accordion-menu" name="Setup the Accordion Menu" file="03 Setup the Accordion Menu.html"/>
<doc alias="change-the-column-widths" name="Change the Column Widths" file="04 Change the Column Widths.html"/>
<doc alias="add-custom-module-proportions" name="Add Custom Module Proportions" file="05 Add Custom Module Proportions.html"/>
<section alias="widgetkit" name="Widgetkit" folder="Widgetkit">
<separator label="Widgetkit 2" />
<category alias="getting-started" name="Getting Started" folder="04 Getting Started">
<doc alias="install-widgetkit-2" name="Install Widgetkit" file="01 Install Widgetkit.html"/>
<doc alias="creating-widgets" name="Creating Widgets" file="02 Creating Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="widget-plugins" name="Widget Plugins" file="03 Widget Plugins.html"/>
<doc alias="widget-content" name="Widget Content" file="04 Widget Content.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-update-4" name="How to Update" file="05 How to Update.html"/>
<doc alias="where-is-the-changelog-4" name="Where is the Changelog" file="06 Where is the Changelog.html"/>
<category alias="customizing" name="Customizing" folder="05 Customizing">
<doc alias="custom-content" name="Create a Content Provider" file="01 Create a Custom Content Provider.html"/>
<doc alias="custom-widget-plugin" name="Create a Custom Widget Plugin" file="02 Create a Custom Widget Plugin.html"/>
<doc alias="custom-fields" name="Custom Fields" file="03 Custom Fields.html"/>
<doc alias="where-to-store-your-customizations" name="Where to Store Your Customizations" file="04 Where to Store Your Customizations.html"/>
<doc alias="field-mapping" name="Field Mapping for Content Providers" file="05 Field Mapping for Content Providers.html"/>
<category alias="troubleshooting" name="Troubleshooting" folder="06 Troubleshooting">
<doc alias="how-to-migrate" name="How to Migrate from Widgetkit 1" file="01 How to Migrate from Widgetkit 1.html"/>
<doc alias="file-permission-issues-5" name="File Permission Issues" file="02 File Permission Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="javascript-errors-5" name="JavaScript Errors" file="03 Javascript Errors.html"/>
<doc alias="compatibility" name="Compatibility" file="04 Compatibility.html"/>
<doc alias="zoo-integration" name="ZOO Integration" file="05 ZOO Integration.html"/>
<doc alias="wordpress-multisite" name="WordPress Multisite" file="06 WordPress Multisite.html"/>
<separator label="Widgetkit 1" />
<category alias="getting-started" name="Getting Started" folder="01 Getting Started">
<doc alias="install-widgetkit" name="Install Widgetkit" file="01 Install Widgetkit.html"/>
<doc alias="install-demo-package" name="Install Demo Package" file="02 Install Demo Package.html"/>
<doc alias="widgetkit-manager" name="Widgetkit Manager" file="03 Widgetkit Manager.html"/>
<doc alias="display-widgets" name="Display Widgets" file="04 Display Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="install-bonus-styles" name="Install Bonus Styles" file="05 Install Bonus Styles.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-update-2" name="How to Update" file="06 How to Update.html"/>
<doc alias="where-is-the-changelog-2" name="Where is the Changelog" file="07 Where is the Changelog.html"/>
<category alias="customizing" name="Customizing" folder="02 Customizing">
<doc alias="how-to-customize-widgets" name="How to Customize Widgets" file="01 How to Customize Widgets.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-widget-style" name="Create a new Widget Style" file="02 Create a new Widget Style.html"/>
<category alias="troubleshooting" name="Troubleshooting" folder="03 Troubleshooting">
<doc alias="how-to-solve-widgetkit-issues" name="How To Solve Widgetkit Issues" file="01 How To Solve Widgetkit Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="file-permission-issues-2" name="File Permission Issues" file="02 File Permission Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="javascript-errors-2" name="JavaScript Errors" file="03 Javascript Errors.html"/>
<section alias="zoo" name="ZOO" folder="Zoo">
<category alias="getting-started" name="Getting Started" folder="01 Getting Started">
<doc alias="install-zoo" name="Install ZOO" file="01 Install ZOO.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-update-3" name="How to Update" file="03 How to Update.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-app-instance" name="Create a new App Instance" file="04 Create a new App Instance.html"/>
<doc alias="manage-the-frontpage" name="Manage the Frontpage " file="05 Manage the Frontpage .html"/>
<doc alias="create-and-manage-categories" name="Create And Manage Categories" file="06 Create And Manage Categories.html"/>
<doc alias="create-and-manage-items" name="Create And Manage Items" file="07 Create And Manage Items.html"/>
<doc alias="create-and-manage-tags" name="Create And Manage Tags" file="08 Create And Manage Tags.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-create-a-joomla-menu-link" name="How to Create a Joomla Menu Link" file="09 How to Create a Joomla Menu Link.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-install-another-language" name="How to Install Another Language" file="10 How to Install Another Language.html"/>
<doc alias="delete-an-app-instance" name="Delete An App Instance " file="11 Delete An App Instance .html"/>
<doc alias="install-a-new-app" name="Install a new App" file="12 Install a new App.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-uninstall-an-app" name="How to Uninstall An App" file="13 How to Uninstall An App.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-zoo-search" name="Set Up ZOO Search" file="14 Set Up ZOO Search.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-zoo-item-module" name="Set Up ZOO Item Module " file="15 Set Up ZOO Item Module .html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-zoo-tag-module" name="Set Up ZOO Tag Module" file="16 Set Up ZOO Tag Module.html"/>
<doc alias="create-and-manage-comments" name="Create And Manage Comments" file="17 Create And Manage Comments.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-facebook-connect" name="Set Up Facebook Connect" file="18 Set Up Facebook Connect.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-twitter-connect" name="Set Up Twitter Connect" file="19 Set Up Twitter Connect.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-zoo-comment-module" name="Set Up ZOO Comment Module" file="20 Set Up ZOO Comment Module.html"/>
<doc alias="where-is-the-changelog-3" name="Where is the Changelog" file="21 Where is the Changelog.html"/>
<category alias="troubleshooting" name="Troubleshooting" folder="02 Troubleshooting">
<doc alias="how-to-solve-zoo-issues" name="How To Solve ZOO Issues" file="01 How To Solve ZOO Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="installation-issues-2" name="Installation Issues" file="02 Installation Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="file-permission-issues-3" name="File Permission Issues" file="03 File Permission Issues.html"/>
<doc alias="javascript-errors-3" name="JavaScript Errors" file="04 Javascript Errors.html"/>
<category alias="advanced" name="Advanced" folder="03 Advanced">
<doc alias="extend-pre-build-types" name="Extend Pre-build Types" file="01 Extend Pre-build Types.html"/>
<doc alias="assign-elements-to-layout-positions" name="Assign Elements to Layout Positions" file="02 Assign Elements to Layout Positions.html"/>
<doc alias="create-new-types" name="Create new Types" file="03 Create new Types.html"/>
<doc alias="set-up-frontend-submission" name="Set Up Frontend Submission" file="04 Set Up Frontend Submission.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-use-the-csv-importer" name="How to use the CSV Importer" file="05 How to use the CSV Importer.html"/>
<doc alias="use-the-shortcode-plugin" name="Use the Shortcode Plugin" file="06 Use the Shortcode Plugin.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-use-the-syntaxhighlighter" name="How to use the Syntaxhighlighter" file="07 How to use the Syntaxhighlighter.html"/>
<doc alias="using-a-uikit-theme" name="Using a UIkit theme" file="08 Using a UIkit theme.html"/>
<doc alias="using-frontend-editing" name="Using frontend editing" file="09 Using frontend editing.html"/>
<category alias="developers" name="Developers" folder="04 Developers">
<doc alias="create-a-new-app" name="Create a new App" file="01 Create a new App.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-template" name="Create a new Template" file="02 Create a new Template.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-custom-element" name="Create a Custom Element" file="03 Create a Custom Element.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-layout-with-positions" name="Create a new Layout With Positions" file="04 Create a new Layout With Positions.html"/>
<doc alias="create-layouts-for-a-single-type" name="Create Layouts for a Single Type" file="05 Create Layouts for a Single Type.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-element-renderer" name="Create a new Element Renderer" file="06 Create a new Element Renderer.html"/>
<doc alias="extend-content-parameters" name="Extend Content Parameters" file="07 Extend Content Parameters.html"/>
<doc alias="extend-global-template-parameters" name="Extend Global Template Parameters" file="08 Extend Global Template Parameters.html"/>
<doc alias="extend-the-alpha-index" name="Extend the Alpha Index" file="09 Extend the Alpha Index.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-zoo-module-layout" name="Create a new ZOO Module Layout" file="10 Create a new ZOO Module Layout.html"/>
<doc alias="how-to-change-the-app-icon" name="How to Change the App Icon" file="11 How to Change the App Icon.html"/>
<doc alias="create-a-new-zoo-module-theme" name="Create a new ZOO Module Theme" file="12 Create a new ZOO Module Theme.html"/>
<doc alias="accessing-element-data" name="Accessing Element Data" file="13 Accessing Element Data.html"/>
<doc alias="using-zoo-events" name="Using ZOO Events" file="14 Using ZOO Events.html"/>
<doc alias="make-apps-ready-for-zoo32" name="Make Apps ready for ZOO 3.2" file="15 Make Apps ready for ZOO 3.2.html"/>
<category alias="elements" name="Elements" folder="05 Elements">
<doc alias="addthis" name="Addthis" file="Addthis.html"/>
<doc alias="checkbox" name="Checkbox" file="Checkbox.html"/>
<doc alias="country" name="Country" file="Country.html"/>
<doc alias="date" name="Date" file="Date.html"/>
<doc alias="disqus" name="Disqus" file="Disqus.html"/>
<doc alias="download" name="Download" file="Download.html"/>
<doc alias="email" name="Email" file="Email.html"/>
<doc alias="flickr" name="Flickr" file="Flickr.html"/>
<doc alias="gallery" name="Gallery" file="Gallery.html"/>
<doc alias="google-maps" name="Google Maps" file="Google Maps.html"/>
<doc alias="image" name="Image" file="Image.html"/>
<doc alias="intensedebate" name="Intensedebate" file="Intensedebate.html"/>
<doc alias="joomla-module" name="Joomla Module" file="Joomla Module.html"/>
<doc alias="link" name="Link" file="Link.html"/>
<doc alias="media" name="Media" file="Media.html"/>
<doc alias="radio" name="Radio" file="Radio.html"/>
<doc alias="rating" name="Rating" file="Rating.html"/>
<doc alias="related-categories" name="Related Categories" file="Related Categories.html"/>
<doc alias="related-items" name="Related Items" file="Related Items.html"/>
<doc alias="select" name="Select" file="Select.html"/>
<doc alias="social-bookmarks" name="Social Bookmarks" file="Social Bookmarks.html"/>
<doc alias="social-buttons" name="Social Buttons" file="Social Buttons.html"/>
<doc alias="text" name="Text" file="Text.html"/>
<doc alias="textarea" name="Textarea" file="Textarea.html"/>
<doc alias="widgetkit" name="Widgetkit" file="Widgetkit.html"/>