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Java Libraries for NoMorePass
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Java Libraries for NoMorePass

You can use this library in combination with nomorepass app ( to send or receive passwords in a safe an easy way.

How to use

You can import the project and make the .jar using maven (mvn install) and then include as dependency:


To send passwords

String sitio = "";
String username = "myuser";
String password = "mypass";
String extra = "{\"type\":\"pwd\"}";
Nomorepass nmp = new Nomorepass();
String res=nmp.getQrSend(sitio, username, password,extra );;

// res contains now the text you should display in QR form
// when the user scans this QR with nomorepass the password
// is transferred to the phone

// If you want to wait until the user receive the password:; 

To receive a password

Nomorepass nmp = new Nomorepass();
String res = nmp.getQrText("mypassword");
// res contains now the text you should display in QR form
// the user should select a password in nomorepass app and
// scan the qr to transfer the password to the app

// Wait until the user scan the QR code
System.out.println("user:" + nmp.getUser() + ", password:" + nmp.getPassword() + " extra:" + nmp.getExtra());


You can execute the examples in the src/test/java folder as JUnit tests. This examples uses the system browser to show the QR code generated

  • : example to send a password to mobile phone
  • : example to receive a password sent from mobile phone

More info

visit or open here an issue

Other libraries

How to use NoMorePass

  1. Download and install the mobile app
  1. Open it and create a new password (or use some of yours)
  2. Then you can scan the qrcode generated by the library to send securely this password to your app or send/update passwords from your code to the app.

(c) 2019

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