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PHP libraries for public API

You can use this library in combination with nomorepass app ( to send or receive passwords in a safe an easy way.

How to use

Just copy the nomorepass.php file in your sources an import it:

requiere_once 'nomorepass.php';

To send passwords

$username = 'myusername';
$password = 'mypassword';
$site = 'mysite';

$nmp = new NoMorePass();
$qrtext = $nmp->getQrSend($site,$username,$password,['type' => 'pwd']);

// Here you can show the QR with $qrtext inside
// the user has 2 hours to scan and receive the password

If you want to wait until the password were received you can do with

$res = $nmp->send();

To receive passwords

$nmp = new NoMorePass();
$qrtext = $nmp->getQrText('misitio');
// Show the qrcode and wait for response
$res = $nmp->start();
if (array_key_exists('error',$res)) {
} else {
    $username = $res['user'];
    $password = $res['password'];
    $extra = $res['extra'];


You can see the examples in this directory to check the libraries

  • testsend.php : example to send a password to mobile phone
  • testreceive.php : example to receive a password sent from mobile phone

More info

visit or open here an issue

Other libraries

How to use NoMorePass

  1. Download and install the mobile app
  1. Open it and create a new password (or use some of yours)
  2. Then you can scan the qrcode generated by the library to send securely this password to your app or send/update passwords from your code to the app.

(c) 2022