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Yorick is an interactive programming language for scientific computing that includes scientific visualization functions, and text and binary I/O functions geared to millions of numbers. You can use yorick under a BSD LICENSE.

Yorick user documentation and forums are still at The yorick user forum wiill continue to be hosted at indefinitely; new Wiki-based documentation will begin here.

Yorick source code management has transferred here to github. The "first among equals" yorick git repo is now at:

The best way to contribute code to yorick is to create an account at and fork this repo. You can then clone your fork on your own machines and begin work. Issue a pull request if you fix bugs or add features you think may be of general interest; click the github Help link for the details about workflows at github.

Yorick Plugins

Most features which are not already part of the yorick core should be coded as plugin packages. In particular, if your feature requires linking against any third party library, it is not likely to become part of the yorick core, and you should design it as a plugin from the beginning. Many yorick plugin packages already exist. If you have your own yorick plugin you would like to share, you should create a repo here at github, and add a link here on the Yorick Plugins page.

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