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This is the version 1.0.1 release of Camomile library package. Camomile is a Unicode library for ocaml. Camomile provides Unicode character type, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32 strings, conversion to/from about 200 encodings, collation and locale-sensitive case mappings, and more.

The library is licensed under LGPL-2 with the common linking exception given to OCaml packages. See


To build and install Camomile, you need OCaml >= 4.02.3 dune >= 1.0.0

To build the library, on the top directory do

$ dune build
$ dune install

Data files are put under /usr/local/share/camomile by default. The default can be overridden by running

$ ocaml --share=XXXX

then data files are placed under XXXX/camomile.

You can uninstall the library by

$ dune uninstall

Using libraries


camomile.cma contains three top-level modules CamomileLibrary, CamomileLibraryDefault, CamomileLibraryDyn. Difference of three modules is explained below.

camomileLibrary.cma contains CamomileLibrary alone. It is useful if you want to dynamically load Camomile, since loading CamomileLibraryDefault, CamomileLibraryDyn causes side effects such as loading data files which could fail.


Camomile requires runtime configuration. Currently, you have to pass the location of data files to Camomile. In the future, more configuration variables would be required.

Camomile's idea of configuration is "configuration by functors". Modules which require configuration become functors parametrized by a module which contains configuration variables. CamomileLibrary.ConfigInt.Type specifies the module type of configuration parameters. You can pass the configuration module to individual modules' Make (as UCol.Make) or Configure functors (as CharEncoding.Configure), or pass it to the whole-in-one functor CamomileLibrary.Make and obtain configured modules.

Camomile provides two top-level modules CamomileLibraryDefault and CamomileLibraryDyn which contains modules already configured. CamomileLibraryDefault is configured by default values determined by configure. Therefore it is suitable to use if you are using Camomile locally installed from the source. CamomileLibraryDyn is deprecated and just an alias to CamomileLibraryDefault.

Individual modules.

See CamomileLibrary.mli file.




You can contact the author by


So many people are contributed to Camomile. See

Before GitHub becomes into existence...

  • Peter Jolly provided CP932 conversion table.
  • Kawakami Shigenobu contributed findlib support.
  • Pierre Chambart contributed StringPrep module.
  • Stanisław T. Findeisen pointed out the balancing bug of AVL-trees.
  • Sylvain Le Gall provided dynamic configuration module

Many people contributed bug fixes.