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You keep personal data in all sorts of places on the internets. Jellyroll brings them together onto your own site.
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  • Django 1.0
  • PIL
  • dateutil
  • django-tagging, SVN r149+


  • pytz (1)


This fork of jellyroll is on some level experimental, in that I can't guarantee it'll pass a "worksforme" test. By all means, it should, but it may not.

This particular issue will rectified soon.


Recently, the provider and model/backend subsystem of this fork of jellyroll has been more or less refactored.

  1. What you can do:
  • access the same old providers in jellyroll.providers
  • signal providers to update via the same mechanism; in other words, the django management command jellyroll_update still works as it has.
  • list jellyroll alone in settings.INSTALLED_APPS to gain access to basic core functionality like jellyoll.templatetags, basic Feed classes in jellyroll.feeds and the core Item model. This is the minimum requirement and only allows the user access to the Provider bits and tracking of externally-defined models.
  • You may specify "contrib" modules separately or you may install them all by using jellyroll.contrib.
  1. What you can't do:
  • access any previous models (other than Item) via jellyroll.models. Models that are defined externally as using Item tracking, thusly, shouldn't be affected. The remaining models previously in jellyroll.models now exist in jellyroll.contrib.somecategory.


  • I've removed video results from jellyroll.providers.gsearch due to on-going/potential/etc. EOS issues with Google Video.
  • I've removed the pownce provider because, sadly, due to on-going EOL issues.
  • I've left the ma.gnolia provider in the RCS, but have yet to refactor it to support the new internal system for Provider objects. If it resumes service, I might end up fixing this issue.


  • Backend support for GData

Future Work

  • Backend support for YQL (partially-complete)


I'll be removing this section as it is displaced by an app-level policy(ies) governing the treatment of objects destined for Item.timestamp.

  1. pytz is included in order to support date translation of providers whose sources do not syndicate item dates in your local timezone (typically these services have settings for which you can specify your timezone). These services currently include:
  • gitscm (stores all dates UTC as time_struct)
  • lastfm (publishes all dates in RSS as UTC timestamp)
  • twitter (publishes all dates in RSS as UTC string)
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