Web service to give RSS feeds of personalized lists of subject or liaison librarians at York University Libraries
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My Librarians

My Librarians is a web service that provides a personalized RSS feeds of subject librarians. Given one or more course codes, it will check a Google Drive spreadsheet and returns lists of librarians (or, as a fallback, reference desks) that cover the relevant subject(s).

TODO: Offer feed of liaison libarians as well.


My Librarians requires a recent Ruby and the Bundler gem. If you don't have it already, run

$ gem install bundler


$ git clone git@github.com:yorkulibraries/my-librarians.git
$ cd my-librarians
$ cp config.json.example config.json
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec rackup config.ru

Edit the config file to suit your own needs, but it will work with the example and pull in what York University Libraries uses.

Test it works:

$ curl http://localhost:9292/subject?courses=2012_HH_PSYC_F_2030__3_A_EN_A_LECT_01,2012_SC_CSE_F_1710__3_A_EN_A_LAB_03
$ curl http://localhost:9292/subject?tag=hh/psyc,ap/sosc

My Librarians uses the Sinatra framework, so it's easily deployed however you like to do that, for example with Phusion Passenger. The virtual host entry in an Apache config file might look like this (with a duplicated my-libarians because the Git repo is inside the outer one):

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName my-librarians.miskatonic.org
    DocumentRoot /var/www/my-librarians/my-librarians/public
    <Directory /var/www/my-librarians/my-librarians>
        Allow from all
        Options -MultiViews
    ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/my-librarians.error.log
    LogLevel warn
    CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/my-librarians.access.log combined

Live example: subject librarians for 2012_HH_PSYC_F_2030__3_A_EN_A_LECT_01,2012_SC_CSE_F_1710__3_A_EN_A_LAB_03. (The web service is running at my-librarians.library.yorku.ca.)

Course codes and parameters

York University course codes are all listed at http://coursecode.yorku.ca/.

In full form they look like this: 2012_AP_IT_Y_2751__9_A_EN_A_LECT_01 (Roman Elegaic Poetry).

Year           : 2012
Faculty        : AP (Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies)
Subject        : IT (Italian)
Period         : Y (F = fall, W = winter, SU, S1, S2 = summer)
ID             : 2751
Rubric variance: _ (if it is blank, replace with an extra underscore)
Credit weight  : 9
Section        : A
Language       : EN
Course type    : A (internal code)
Format         : LECT
Group          : 01

Other good course codes to use:

  • 2012_HH_PSYC_F_2030__3_A_EN_A_LECT_01 (Introduction to Research Methods)
  • 2012_SC_CSE_F_1710__3_A_EN_A_LAB_03 (Programming for Digital Media).

When Eris calls a web service it passes over course codes in their complete form and also broken up into parts, like so:

GET /something?

The rule in My Librarians is that if courses is passed in (with one or more full course codes, comma-separated) it will be used exclusively and the other variables will be ignored because they are too messy. However, if tag exists alone (with one or more short-form tags, comma-separated), we will use it.


It's helpful to know which courses offered don't appear to have a subject librarian. There is a file in public that is a CSV dump of all courses offered at York (currently, the 2012 fall and winter offerings). It looks like this:

"AP","ADMS",1000,"Introduction to Administrative Studies"
"AP","ADMS",1010,"Business in the Canadian Context"

coverage.rb is a helper tool that will check that file against the Google Drive spreadsheet and report a list of all courses that don't seem to have a subject librarian.

It respects wildcards, but it may be useful to turn this off to give a more accurate picture of which students will see a librarian and which are being sent to a reference desk.

$ ./coverage.rb > not-covered.txt
Faculty/programs known: 244
Subjects covered (including wildcards): 82
Faculty/programs not covered: 79
$ head -3 not-covered.txt