Build scripts for football.db, worldcup.db, bundesliga.db, etc.
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football.db Scripts

Note: The recommended and easiest way to build yourself your own database copies (e.g. football.db, worlcup.db, etc.) is using Datafiles. See the openfootball/datafile repo for details.


Build scripts for football.db, worldcup.db, bundesliga.db, etc.

Setup Skripts


$ ruby ./setup.rb

to setup (sync e.g. clone/pull) all repos to the /src folder.

TODO: Change to /Sites folder - why? why not? or use ../..


Use rake -T to list all available tasks. Example:

$ rake -T

Will print something like:

rake about          # print versions of gems
rake alltime_stats  # print alltime stats (for checksum mostly)
rake build          # build football.db from scratch (default)
rake check          # check repo paths
rake dump           # print all events w/ groups and matches
rake logs           # print logs (stored in db)
rake matches_stats  # print matches stats (for checksum mostly)
rake standings      # print standings for football.db (test/debug)
rake stats          # print stats for football.db tables/records
rake update         # update football.db

To get started use the following folder structure and clone some datasets with git. Example:

yorobot/                 #  -> create folder (e.g. mkdir yorobot)
  football.db            #  -> git clone
openmundi/               #  -> create folder
  world.db               #  -> git clone (see
openfootball/            #  -> create folder
  national-teams         #  -> git clone (see
  world-cup              #     ..

Start your build (e.g. rake build) inside the yorobot/football.db folder.

Note: You can see (and change) all folder references in the settings.rb script.

More Examples

Build the database for the World Cup in Brazil 2014 (from scratch):

rake build DATA=worldcup2014

Build the database for all the World Cups:

rake build DATA=worldcup

Build the database for the European Champions League 2014/15:

rake build DATA=cl201415

Update the database for the European Champions League 2014/15 (after updating your data sets from git):

rake update DATA=cl201415

And so on and so forth.


Update Standings (Tables)


$ rake pull         # to git pull (fetch n merge) all changes (from repos)

Note: Stats are global for database, thus, for now rebuild database for every setup/repo e.g.:

$ rake build recalc DATA=at    # to build all standings tables (reading in all datasets etc.)
$ rake build recalc DATA=de
$ rake build recalc DATA=en
$ rake build recalc DATA=es
$ rake build recalc DATA=it
## $ rake build recalc DATA=ru      ## fix needed for missing dates e.g. []

Note: For an all-in-one "single" line command use the build_all shell script e.g.:

$ sh ./       

Note: For now includes only step 1 & 2 (that is, rake pull & rake build) but not step 3 (that is, rake push).

$ rake push         # to git commit and push back all changes


For testing you can build country-specific datasets e.g. use:

$ rake build DATA=en
$ rake build DATA=de     # and so on


For "local" builds e.g. saving the reports to a temp folder use the debug flag e.g.:

$ rake build recalc DEBUG=t DATA=en

Update football.json Exports


$ rake build json

Dump logs


$ rake logs DEBUG=t         # save to ./build/build.log


$ rake logs                 # save to ../logs/football.db/build.log

All together


$ rake build recalc json logs     

same as

$ rake build
$ rake recalc
$ rake json
$ rake logs     

Troubleshooting - Use a Gemfile, that is, Locked Down Versions

If you have trouble with a new ActiceRecord version or something. Use a Gemfile and bundle exec to lock down the version. Example:


source ''

gem 'rake'
gem 'activerecord', ''
gem 'sportdb'


$ bundle install

to install all libraries (gems) and generate a Gemfile.lock. Now use:

$ bundle exec rake pull       ## to pull down all repos
$ bundle exec build           ## to build the database
$ bundle exec recalc
$ bundle exec json            ## and so on


The build scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the Open Sports & Friends Forum/Mailing List. Thanks!