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A basic clipboard manager for Wayland, with support for persisting copy buffers after an application exits.


When you experience a clipboard-related bug, try to see if it still happens without clipman running, as it's more likely to be caused by one of our own known issues rather than wl-clipboard.


From source


  • a windows manager that uses wlr-data-control, like Sway and other wlroots-based WMs.
  • wl-clipboard >= 2.0
  • a selector: wofi and bemenu are specially supported, but you can use what you want
  • notify-send (optional, for desktop notifications)

Install go, add $GOPATH/bin to your path, then run go get OR run go install inside this folder.


A few distros ship with clipman binaries in their official or unofficial repos.


Run the binary in your Sway session by adding exec wl-paste -t text --watch clipman store (or exec wl-paste -t text --watch clipman store 1>> PATH/TO/LOGFILE 2>&1 & to log errors) at the beginning of your config. It is highly recommended that you run clipman with the --no-persist option, see Known Issues.

For primary clipboard support, also add exec wl-paste -p -t text --watch clipman store -P --histpath="~/.local/share/clipman-primary.json" (note that both the -p in wl-paste and the -P in clipman are mandatory in this case).

To query the history and select items, run the binary as clipman pick -t wofi. You can assign it to a keybinding: bindsym $mod+h exec clipman pick -t wofi. You can pass additional arguments to the selector like this: clipman pick --tool wofi -T'--prompt=my-prompt -i' (both --prompt and -i are flags of wofi). You can use a custom selector like this: clipman pick --print0 --tool=CUSTOM --tool-args="fzf --prompt 'pick > ' --bind 'tab:up' --cycle --read0".

To remove items from history, clipman clear -t wofi and clipman clear --all.

To serve the last history item at startup, add exec clipman restore to your Sway config.

For more options: clipman -h.

Known Issues

We only support plain text. By default, we continue serving the last copied item even after its owner has exited. This means that, unless you run with the --no-persist option, you'll always immediately lose rich content; for example:

  • vim's visual block mode breaks
  • copying images in Firefox breaks
  • if you copy a bookmark in Firefox, you won't be able to paste it in another bookmark folder
  • if you copy formatted text inside Libre Office you'll lose all formatting on paste

Run clipman store with the --no-persist option if you are affected. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no way to make them play well together.


Supporting images or fixing the known issues would require a complete rewrite using wlroots directly. Clipman is considered feature complete and is now in maintanance mode.

Related software

  • Clipmon: a demon specialized in keeping the clipboard alive after an application quits; if that's your only reason for using a clipboard manager, it might be a better fit as it supports any filetype (not just text).


GPL v3.0

2019- (C) yory8