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This is a time capsule for your text messages. Send a text to (650) 830-0777 and, after some amount of time, you'll get the same message back. No todo lists or otherwise mundane texts allowed - send your future self those curious, strange and fascinating moments you would otherwise forget.

Tell the time capsule when to resend the message by adding a special sequence at the end. For example, send a message like and the sun sank red through the hills and clouds %5d 8h 20m 7s and your words will return in five days, eight hours, twenty minutes and seven seconds.

Not all of those parameters are required - you could just add %7d at the end to see your note-to-self again in a week's time. But take care - the spaces between the parameters after the % sign are required.

This is a Flask app built with Twilio and Mongo. It was partially built at the tail end of Disrupt 2011 as 'never forget this text.' Read more at


Here's how to setup your own server to receive and then resend texts:

  • you will need a twilio account with a verified phone number
  • point the incoming SMS callback to this app's twilio endpoint
    • expound..
  • make a virtualenv and install some dependencies

    $ virtualenv --no-site-packages /path/to/virtualenvs/never-lib
    $ pip install -E /path/to/virtualenvs/never-lib mongoengine
    $ pip install -E /path/to/virtualenvs/never-lib apscheduler
    $ pip install -E /path/to/virtualenvs/never-lib flask
    $ pip install -E /path/to/virtualenvs/never-lib requests
  • copy the sample never settings config file out of the repo and edit it with your settings

  • point an env var to your config file with:

    $ set NEVER_SETTINGS=/path/to/

  • copy the sample supervisord config file out of the repo and edit it as well


  • start mongo:

    $ mongod --fork --logpath /path/to/mongodb.log --logappend --port 12345 --bind_ip

  • use supervisord to start the flask server and supervisorctl to control it

    $ supervisord -c /path/to/supervisord.conf


  • mongo jobstore so jobs persist - test this separately; things are fishy..
  • flesh out the twilio setup section above
  • better's always better error-handling
  • test s,m,h,d
  • test messages over 140 chars
  • fabfile


  • get a random text from your past
  • tack on when the message was sent originally?
  • twilio takes a few seconds to send the text - account for this with an offset?
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