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circle-timer js class and some css to make a css transition-based countdown timer in which a circle is 'eaten away.'


  • imagine four circles on top of another
  • each is transparent except for a 90 degree wedge which is opaque
  • the opaque wedge of each circle is in a different quadrant
    • moving up from the bottom of the stack of circles they are in quadrants I, IV, III, and II
    • the circle appears entirely filled at the start
  • countdown begins and the circle in quadrant II spins counter clockwise 90 degrees, revealing the background
    • when its opaque quarter is in quadrant III, the next wedge begins rotating in the same direction
    • this first circle is removed
  • this pattern of spinning a quadrant underneath the next quadrant repeats twice
    • quadrant III will spin underneath quadrant IV
    • quadrant IV will then rotate beneath quadrant I
  • the final quarter of a circle is handled differently -- a fifth circle rotates on top of it
    • this fifth circle has an opaque quarter that is the same color as the background
    • this circle is waiting in quadrant IV and rotates counterclockwise to cover the final segment


  • fix the thin quarter-ring left visible in the quadrant I circle as the final circle rotates over top
    • perhaps make the final circle somewhat larger
  • better demo with interactive input
  • better positioning of the timer -- guarantee centering within the container div