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a simple search box for firefox
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A quicksilver-like interface to search within your browser

Hitting Ctrl-Shift-K (or apple-shift-k if on OSX) brings up
a window that does search as you type.

Use the up/down arrows to select your result and hit return
to go to that page (hitting ctrl/accel return will take you
to that result in a new tab).

The next time you bring up the search panel it will have your
last search, results, and location so you can continue your
search from there.

Cool feature:
If you want to restrict it to the current domain start your
query with @

 - [X] support clicking on the results
 - [X] add a timeout before search on keystroke (250ms)
 - [ ] figure out why yahoo sometimes sends us to an https without valid cert
 - [X] change from . to @
 - [X] handle search failures
 - [X] deal with exceptions
 - [X] emptying the query should empty the search terms
 - [ ] deal with shortcut key conflicts
 - [X] if no results show helpful messages
 - [X] don't allow enter until search completes
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