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BB Code 2.0 (aka KBB)

Quick example

Instead of this

This is <b>bold and <i>italic</i></b><i>or just italic</i> text.

Why not just:

This is [b]bold and [i]italic[/b]or just italic[/i] text.

Quick example #2

Instead of this

This is <b><i><u>complicated</u></i></b> - because you have to watch out for the order of things.

Why not just:

This is [b][i][u]less complicated[/][/][/] - because you just auto-close last tag.

Quick example #3

Instead of this

<ul><li>HTML way</li><li>of handling</li><li>lists</li></ul>

Why not just:

[li]HTML way[li]of handling[li]lists[/]

more examples..

More examples of simplicity and smart parsing in full BB2 documentation

KBB on node.js


npm install bb2

Also make sure you have CoffeeScript installed globally (it's advised to have CoffeeScript installed globally). If not:

npm install -g coffee-script


Quick usage:

BBCodeHtml = require('bb2').BBCodeHtml
bb = new BBCodeHtml()
console.log bb.parse('visible [0]invisible[1] [b]bold[/] [i]italic[/]')

For details go to

Other implementations

This is implementation of bb2 in JavaScript for node.js and browsers use. We also implemented bb2 in PHP for our older projects, but we never had time to publish it - contact us if you're interested.


  • get rid of Coffeescript dependency - full rewrite to ES6 has been started already.
  • more functional approach - current one is OOP with inheritance, we will rewrite it to more functional approach, to enable easier composition, like adding specific bb-tags without need of class-extend
  • move rendering from text based to Nate based - instead of building big HTML-strings, we'll use Nate to allow Universal building: direct DOM in the browser and HTML on server-side
  • smart-table tags - smart creation of tables