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open Util
type port = int
type host = Unix.inet_addr
let conn port host =
let sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr = Unix.ADDR_INET (host, port) in
fun f ->
let (in_ch, out_ch) = Unix.open_connection sockaddr in
let result = may (fun (i,o) -> f i o) (in_ch, out_ch) in
may close_out out_ch |> ignore;
may Unix.shutdown_connection in_ch |> ignore;
match result with
| Inl success_result -> success_result
| Inr err -> raise err
let conn_ip port ipname =
conn port @@ Unix.inet_addr_of_string ipname
let conn_hostname port hostname =
conn port @@ (Unix.gethostbyname hostname).Unix.h_addr_list.(0)
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