ocamltter is a Twitter client in OCaml. This client run on the OCaml toplevel interpreter. Then each operation on the client is just a OCaml function and you can develop a twitter program interactively.
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The OCAMLTTER OAuth, Twitter and Flickr library


    MIT License: see the MIT-LICENSE file


  • OCaml >= 4.02.1
  • Cryptokit >= 1.10
  • OCurl(known also as ocaml-curl or curl for OCaml) >= 0.7.2
  • Spotlib >= 2.5.1
  • ppx_meta_conv >= 2.0.0
  • ppx_orakuda >= 2.0.0 (OPAM package name is orakuda)
  • OMake


  • Install required libraries. OPAM is an easy and highly recommended way to install them semi-automatically.
  • omake

It installs the following packages:

  • ocamltter : a Twitter client
  • ocamltter_oauth : OAuth library
  • ocamltter_twitter : Twitter API in OCaml
  • ocamltter_flickr : Flickr API in OCaml

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