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ocamltter is a Twitter client in OCaml. This client run on the OCaml toplevel interpreter. Then each operation on the client is just a OCaml function and you can develop a twitter program interactively.
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The OCAMLTTER twitter client


    MIT License: see the MIT-LICENSE file


  • OCaml >= 4.01.0
  • Cryptokit >= 1.9
  • OCurl(known also as ocaml-curl or curl for OCaml) >= 0.6.0
  • Spotlib >= 2.4.0
  • Type_conv >= 109.60.00
  • Meta_conv >= 1.1.3
  • Tiny_json_conv >= 1.4.0
  • OMake


  • Install required libraries. OPAM is an easy and highly recommended way to install them semi-automatically.
  • omake

How to use


       $ ./ocamltter

You can use following commands:

       - l();;                 list timeline
       - lc COUNT;;            list timeline (COUNT lines)
       - lu "NAME";;           list NAME's timeline
       - m();;                 list mentions (tweet containing @YOU)
       - u "TEXT";;            post a new message
       - re ID "TEXT";;        reply to ID
       - del ID;;              delete tweet of ID
       - rt ID;;               retweet ID
       - qt ID "TEXT";;        qt ID
       - follow "NAME";;       follow NAME
       - unfollow "NAME";;     unfollow NAME
       - fav ID;;              mark ID as favorites
       - report_spam "NAME"    report NAME as a spam user
       - s "WORD";;            search tweets by a WORD
       - setup ();;            (re)authorize ocamltter
       - let CMD = ...;;       define a your own command CMD
       - help;;                print the help

You may modify the

  • You can set your twitter id
  • You can set your interesting keywords
  • You can set ignored users


        #quit;;  or  ^D

Bugs report

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