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Grav Markdown Font Awesome Plugin

The Font Awesome plugin for Grav allows you to use Font Awesome icons inline with markdown by wrapping the icon name in colons (Github/Slack "emoji style"):

Font Awesome flag icon


The plugin works by looking for colon-wrapped icon names starting with the :fa- prefix and converting them to <i> tags.

This plugin doesn't contain the actual Font Awesome fonts, so make sure you are using a plugin or theme (such as Learn2 or Antimatter) that include the Font Awesome assets.

Also, Markdown Extra must be disabled.

Manual installation

Download zip version of this repository, unzip to /your/site/grav/user/plugins and rename directory to markdown-fontawesome.


The markdown-fontawesome.yaml file contains only one configuration which turns the plugin on/off.

enabled: true


Grab a cup of :fa-coffee: and write some :fa-code:

Will produce the following HTML:

Grab a cup of <i class="fa fa-coffee"></i> and write some <i class="fa fa-code"></i>

Known limitations

  • Does not work with Markdown Extra enabled (conflicts with definition lists which start with a colon)
  • Icon names are not validated, so html tags are created even for non-existent icons like `:fa-not-a-real-icon:``
  • Additional fa classes such as fa-spin and fa-2x not yet supported.


If you prefer shortcode syntax [fa=cog /], consider using the Grav Shortcode Plugin which also supports Font Awesome.


MIT license. See LICENSE


This plugin was inspired by the python markdown extension fontawesome-markdown and the first version was based on code from the Grav Markdown Color Plugin.