Layar contents publishing service using Google App Engine for Python
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Layar POIs publish server for Google App Engine


What is this?

Layar is a great AR application for Android and iPhone, but it is little hard to create your own layer, because it requires web server to serve your POIs to search.

But using this program, you could make and store your own layer in the Google App Engine and publish it.


First, you must download and install the Google App Engine SDK for Python .
And create application name on Google App Engine page.
Login to the Google App Engine and push “Create an Application” button.
The application name becomes part of the web service URL.

And then, just change the application name and version in the “app.yaml” file, and upload the application into Google App Engine like this:

> python update /home/somewhere

Create contents

In this program, you could create contents using Google Map .
You can create POIs in the my map.
The title of the marker will be the Layar’s POI title, and description will be the attribute.
The description must be the HTML form and it must not include any HTML tags.
And you can write special header of each line of the description to specify following information.

format description
image:http://… Image of the point.
2:.. Second line of the point description.
3:.. Third line of the point description.
http://.. URL action
tel:.. Call action
mailto:.. Send mail action

These are the sample my map created by me.

Create your own layer on Layar Publishing site

Then, you should create your layer in the Layar Publishing site .
You must specify the unique layer name, and POI URL should be like this:


And also, you should create nice 64×64 icon for the layer.

Update POIs

And then, you should regist POIs into your application.

Open the following URL:


Enter your layer’s name and my map’s RSS URL, and press submit button.
You will see the done message, if the update succeeded.
If you want to modify it, please update same layer again.

You could regist any number of layers in the same application.

Test and publish layer

Please test your layer and publish it along Layar documentations.


This program could be redistributed under the GPL v2.