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Replication Booster -- A Tool for Prefetching MySQL Slave Relay Logs, to make SQL Thread faster
How to use:
* Install boost if not installed (recommended version is 1.39 or higher)
(On RHEL/CentOS5, you can get boost 1.39+ from ATrpms repository)
* Install Binlog API (
* cmake .
* make
* make install
* Run replication_booster
If you have a Replication Listener in a non-standard path (for
example, it is not installed), you can add a search prefix when
executing CMake in the following way:
cmake . -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=<path to replication listener>
This will find the library in the "lib" directory and the include
files in the "include" directory of the repository.
* This project has just been started and code quality and performance should be improved more.
* Replication Booster uses Binlog API. Binlog API is currently (Oct 2011) pre-alpha so make sure to intensively test by yourself, though Replication Booster uses limited features of Binlog API. For example, you may fail to build Replication Booster when Binlog API interface has been changed.
License: GNU General Public License version 2
Author: DeNA Co.,Ltd. <>
Got contribution from Mats Kindahl <> (supporting cmake)
Got contribution from Davi Arnaut (Twitter patches)