Unmapping mysql log files (InnoDB log files, binary logs, relay logs) from Linux filesystem cache to allocate memory space for mysqld
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unmap_mysql_logs - Unmapping mysql log files (mainly InnoDB log files, binary log files and relay log files) from filesystem cache to allocate memory space for mysqld

 Older Linux kernel (earlier than 2.6.28) had bugs that aggressive usage on filesystem cache swaps processes even though vm.swappiness == 0. This sometimes serious swapping issues especially if innodb_log_file_size is large. As a workaround, unmapping write-mostly files from filesystem cache frequently (i.e. invoking this script per 10 minutes) helps a lot.
How to use:
* Install Inline::C cpan module, or install perl-version, perl-Parse-RecDescent, perl-Inline RPM packages
* Execute unmap_mysql_logs