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This is CamLingual's source code.
Copyright (c) Yoshioka Tsuneo - all right reserved.
And, the software may includes other software. See "About" page of iOS Settings menu(or "Settings.bundle/About.plist") for details.
- Copy "Settings.bundle/OCRWebServiceAccount.plist-dummy" to "Settings.bundle/OCRWebServiceAccount.plist" and edit account information.
- Copy "Settings.bundle/GoogleTranslateAccount.plist-dummy" to "GoogleTranslateAccount.plist" and edit GoogleTranslateAPI v2 account information.
You can choose license for this source code from below
- GPL(GNU Public Licnese) version 2 or lator.
(Except the case other license is written in the beginning of source.
Some files have more loose MIT license.)
- Other than GPL based on seperate agreement.
If you want to use for other than GPL license, contact me with details for negotiation.
Contact address:
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