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Microsoft Translator Java Web Socket Application.

Video (English to Japanese) : Link of Demo Video.

Video (Japanese to English) : Link of Demo Video.

1. Please change the propertis file

At firsr, please get the subscription key for "Translator-Speach-API" from Microsoft Azure?

After you got the access key, please modify the file?

2. Packaging

After changed the properties file, please execute the following command?

$ mvn clean package

Then you can see the following file on target directory


3. Execution

Please execute following command?

$ java -jar Microsoft-Translator-WebSocket-MSA-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --autoBindHttp --autoBindSsl --sslPort 8181

Then you can see following output on console.

[2017-07-28T10:34:45.204+0900] [] [INFO] [] [PayaraMicro] [tid: _ThreadID=1 _ThreadName=main] [timeMillis: 1501205685204] [levelValue: 800] [[
Payara Micro URLs
'Microsoft-Translator-WebSocket-MSA-1.0-SNAPSHOT' REST Endpoints
Application Microsoft-Translator-WebSocket-MSA-1.0-SNAPSHOT has no deployed Jersey applications

4. Access to the URL

Then please access to the following URL with Firefox or Chorome?


Then you will be able to see the Microsoft Translator Web Application Top Page.

Note :
If you upload the application to Cloud and if you would like to use the Chorome, you need to deploy it on HTTPS available server. Firefox may be available on Cloud too. And you may face some issue. Now I'm investigating. So please try to this on your local machine?

5. More Detail of this Application

Detail Explanation by Japanese
Detail Explanation by English


This is a Microsoft Translator Java Web Socket Application.



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