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Aracna Hardware

This repository contains the files necessary to print the Aracna robot. For drivers, see the related aracna repository.

Renderings and 3D Printed Robots

Version 1 (old)

Version 1 of Aranca was a test design and is not recommended for production use. Instead, see Version 2.1 below. For design files, see the aracnaV1 directory.



Version 2.0

Version 2.0 was intended to be used with the ArbotiX microcontroller.


Printed in green


Underside of Aracna V2, showing the leg mechanism


Version 2.1 (current)

Version 2.1 can be used with the RaspberryPi. The top case is wider and access holes were added in the sides for external connections. All other components are identical to version 2.0. For design files, see the aracnaV2 directory.

Updated top case with new lid. aracna_v2_1_full