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Python Overview

About this repo

  • notebooks/
    • src/: Folder containing raw python code created from the .ipynb files
    • Notebook Overview.ipynb: Information about the Jupyter notebook environment
    • Pandas Overview.ipynb: Overview of the pandas module for data manipulation
    • Practical Examples.ipynb: Some useful scenarios in Python
    • Python Basics.ipynb: Demonstrating basic Python functionality
    • blank.ipynb: Blank notebook to experiment with
  • You're reading it!
  • List of helpful tutorials / resources to get started with Python
  • requirements.txt: List of python modules needed in order to run the .ipynb files in Binder


Why are we here?
  • Interest from my team after I demonstrated the UAT process in Python
What is Python?
  • General purpose programming language
  • Readable and beginner friendly
  • Free to use
  • Common in data science / ml
What can Python be used for?
  • Manipulating data files (.csv, .xlsx, .json, .accdb, SQL DB)
  • Solving equations / factoring / derivatives / integration
  • Web scraping
  • Trading stocks (dangerous)
  • Automation
  • Creating visualizations
  • Batteries included
  • Concise syntax
  • OS neutral
    • Mac / Windows / Linux
  • Popular language = active support community
Gotchas / Drawbacks
  • "Slow" / difficult to manage memory
    • Not really an issue for the practical things I'll be outlining
  • Dynamically typed
    • Less explicit
What I will (and won't) be covering
  • Yes
    • Demonstrate the types of problems Python can solve and be helpful with
    • Jupyter Notebook environment
    • Python basics
    • Rectangular data with pandas
    • Practical examples
    • Resources to learn more
  • No
    • Setting up a Python environment
    • In depth explanation of python syntax
My Experience
  • 3 / 4 years
  • Learned by doing
    • pdf scraper
    • Recommender system
    • Bitcoin price logger
  • Not an expert and not a software developer
  • Binder
Potential Future Topics
  • Version controlling notebooks
  • sklearn
  • statsmodels
  • seaborn
  • matplotlib
  • BeautifulSoup
  • Testing code with doctest


Repository containing notes / notebooks for data manipulation in Python.



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